Yanshee privacy agreement

UBTECH ROBOTICS CORP LTD(hereinafter referred to as "UBTECH" or "we") respects your personal privacy rights. This privacy agreement seeks to explain who we are, how we collect, share, and use your personal information, and how you may exercise your privacy rights. This privacy agreement applies to the personal information we collected via our product app ("Website") and when you use our robot services .

What Are Our Services?

UBTECH ROBOTICS CORP LTD, founded in 2012, is a global high-tech enterprise which integrates artificial intelligence and humanoid robot R&D, platform software development and application, and product sales into one entity. In positively creating a "software + hardware + services + content" robot ecosystem, we strive to become a world-class tech company in the fields of artificial intelligence and humanoid robots and thereby fulfill the dream of making robots enter every home on Earth.

For more information regarding us, please refer to the "Company Introduction" section on our website.

What Personal Information Do We Collect and Why Do We Collect Them?

During the use of this product, personal information such as user's name, telephone number, email, face data, voice data will be collected. As the controller or processor of these personal information, we take measures to ensure that the collection and processing of these personal information comply with related laws and regulations, especially for the GDPR regulations, such as the legality of data collection and processing, purpose restrictions, storage restrictions and other GDPR compliance matters. As a provider of products and services, in order to ensure the normal operation of products and services, we may help you process the above personal information in some cases. As a data processor, we have taken technical and organizational measures to protect the security of personal information in accordance with the requirements of GDPR. If you are a processor of personal information, you should ensure that your instructions for the processing of personal information, including entrusting us as a processor of personal information, are agreed by the relevant controller.

Here are our specific terms for dealing with personal information:

Personal information:

Contact information such as user's name, phone number, email address, gender, etc. is used for account platform management and robot activation. The user has the right to log off his / her account. We will delete all relevant personal information according to the user's Desire.

Face data:

We will collect the user's face photos and feature values for the purpose of identity recognition. For example, after the robot recognizes the user's face data, it will automatically activate and greet the user. For the purpose of improving the face recognition technology, we hope to transmit the user's face data to our headquarters in China for the purpose of analysis and research and development. In addition, face data will not be associated with personal information.

Location information:

When users use online functions, the relevant data will contain the positioning information of the user's device itself. This is a necessary condition for hardware signal transmission, and the location information is not associated with the user's personal information. We will not use this information for any commercial purpose.

Voice data:

We will collect and process the voice data of users so that users can control the product through voice command. For the purpose of providing better products and services by upgrading and improving the speech recognition technology, we need to transmit the voice data of users to our headquarters in China for the purpose of analysis and research and development.

Age information:

This product hopes to confirm the age of users. The reason is that we do not collect and process the personal data of minors without the permission of the guardian. If the user is not 16 years old, he / she must obtain the consent of his / her guardian or school teacher before using the product.

Who Do We Share Your Personal Information With?

We do not sell users' personal information to third parties. For the purpose of providing products and services to you and users, we may disclose the personal information of users to the third-party service providers. We will ensure that any disclosure of user's personal information to a third party is subject to your consent. We will require the third party who receives and processes the user's personal information to take technical and organizational security measures in accordance with related laws and regulations, especially for the GDPR.

We may disclose users' personal information to the following categories of entities:

Our group companies, third-party service providers and partners who provide us with data processing services (for example, service providers that provide support for our voice recognition and semantic understanding), or partners who process personal information in other ways according to the purpose described in this privacy agreement, or we inform you of the purpose when collecting users' personal information.

We send users' personal data to third parties for the following reasons:

◆ Application of the laws of overseas countries;

◆ To implement, establish and safeguard our legal rights;

◆ To protect the vital interests of you, users or others, it is necessary to disclose to any competent law enforcement agency, regulatory agency, government agency, court or other third party.

Communicate with actual or potential purchasers (and their agents and Advisors) in connection with any actual or proposed purchase, merger or acquisition of any part of our business, provided that we inform the purchaser that only personal information obtained from you must be used for the purposes set forth in this privacy agreement.

Legal Basis for Processing of Personal Information

We process the user's personal information according to your instructions, unless the laws and regulations of related countries and regions require us to process the user's personal information in other ways. We will inform you of the processing of personal information not instructed by you, unless we are not allowed by laws and regulations to inform you of such processing on the grounds of important public interest. You should ensure that your instructions on the processing of users' personal information comply with the related laws and regulations, especially for the GDPR.

How Do We Safeguard Your Personal Information Security

We use appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal information of users we collect. Our measures are designed to provide you with a level of security that matches the risks associated with processing users' personal information. Our specific measures include security sockets layer (SSL) encryption technology to ensure that users' data can be transmitted safely from your browser to our network system.

International Data Transfer

We and our third-party service providers and partners are all over the world. This means that when we collect the personal information of users, we will process the data in the above countries, including China, the United States and other countries that do not have an appropriate level of protection for personal information.

Nevertheless, we have taken appropriate measures to protect the user's personal information in accordance with this privacy agreement. This includes our implementation of the standard contractual terms provided by the European Commission for the transfer of personal information between our groups. The above provisions require our group to protect our personal information processed from EEA in accordance with EU data protection laws.

We have provided standard contract terms according to relevant requirements.

Data storage protection

We will store the personal information collected from you based on the continuous legal business development needs.

In the absence of special provisions of law, the period for which we store the user's personal information shall not exceed the period required to achieve the purposes listed in this privacy policy. If the stored user's personal information is no longer necessary to realize product functions or continue to provide services for users, we will delete or anonymize the user's personal information. If such measures cannot be taken (for example, because the user's personal information has been stored in the backup archive), we will store the user's personal information safely and avoid the loss of the user's personal information before it can be deleted It will be further dealt with.

User's personal information protection rights and our assistance obligations

According to GDPR, users have the right to access, correct, update, carry and delete their personal information. In addition, users have the right to restrict and object to processing their personal information. You are obliged to ensure the realization of these rights of users, and we will provide necessary assistance for you to fulfill this obligation.

If the user contacts us directly, requests to access, correct, update, carry, delete his personal information or requests to limit, object to processing his personal information, and considers you to be the controller of the data, we will advise the user to make the above appeal to you. You are obliged to respond to these demands in a timely manner.

Data disclosure:

We will inform you as soon as we know of the data leakage and take reasonable measures to minimize the loss caused by the data leakage. Our notice will include, as far as possible, the nature of the personal information disclosed, the measures we take to reduce the loss and the measures we suggest you take.

Information protection for minors

We encourage parents or guardians to teach minors under the age of 16 how to use our services. We recommend that minors remind their parents or guardians to read this Privacy Policy and seek approval and guidance from them before submitting any personal information. In accordance with EU policy requirements, children under the age of 16 shall obtain consent from their parents or guardians prior to activating certain functions. Otherwise, they cannot use this device.

Update of this privacy agreement

We may, from time to time, update this privacy agreement to suit legal, technical, or commercial development. We will notify you using a suitable method when we update this privacy agreement so as to accord with our purposes for revising it. If suitable data protection laws require that we seek and obtain your approval when we substantively revise this privacy agreement, we will comply with the provisions of the law. You can check the latest update time of this privacy agreement using the time of the "Latest Update" at the top of this agreement.

How to Contact Us

If you have any doubts or misgivings regarding our use of your personal information, please use the detailed contact information below to get in touch with us:

China: +86-400-6666-700


USA: 800-276-6137

Global: 001-400-846-1329

JIMU: jimu.service@ubtrobot.com

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